Municipal EPA Compliance

GSI Lab – Guardian Systems, Inc. provides Municipal Environmental Solutions for EPA Compliance, Drinking Water, Waste Stream Analysis, Compliance Monitoring, eDMR’s and CCR’s.  GSI follows a strict QAM (QA/QC) Program for Municipal EPA Compliance.

Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and Alabama Department of Environmental Management (ADEM) Compliance

Drinking Water

  • New well development and monitoring5D08CJ_D05-WaterFall1-CU-small
  • Private well monitoring
  • Permit scheduling
  • Electronic Drinking Water Reporting (eDWR)
  • State certified bacteriological testing
  • Potable water:  water fountains, industries, office buildings
  • Consumer Confidence Reporting (CCR) including preparation of report, print and mailout to your customer
  • Surface water development studies
  • Drinking water studies for third world countries to assist in creating clean water supplies

GSI is an ADEM/EPA Certified Safe Drinking Water and State Certified Bacteriological Laboratory. GSI can handle your Safe Drinking Water (SDW) requirements all the way from sample collection through Consumer Confidence Report (CCR) Completion.  Full range of compliance services including Electronic Drinking Water Reporting (eDWR) to Alabama Department of Environmental Management (ADEM).



Wastewater Treatment Studies:  Full service wet bench 100212-IndustrialFactoryMillBelchingSmokeandPollution-smallanalysis to include Low Level Mercury Method 1631 testing for Wastewater Treatability Studies and operational analytical testing.  Full range of compliance services including Electronic Discharge Monitoring Reporting (eDMR).


Operational Process Wastewater Monitoring: Whether you monitor your process flow once a day or once a year, we can help you implement a sampling and testing program that will keep your facility permit compliant and out of trouble.



Stormwater Monitoring: GSI uses current weather forecasting and efficient scheduling to ensure that we are on site for proper collection of your stormwater outfalls.  Our laboratory can complete the analsyes on schedule and even complete your Discharge Monitoring Reports (DMR).  This frees you up to do what you do best – run your business.

Groundwater Well Monitoring

Ground Water Well Monitoring: Using our regulatory approved pumping/sampling equipment and trained experienced field staff, we can map, purge, and sample your groundwater monitoring wells. Next, our full service laboratory will complete all necessary analyses and submit well structured reports for your records.

Toxicity Monitoring:

Toxicity Monitoring:  EPDM Liners.  We are one of the few laboratories in the US who test pond liners internationally using shubunkin fish.  Waste Water Toxicity and Reporting, TCLP, RCRA, FIRA (Herbicides and Pesticides), priority pollutants, priority metals, SID.

Bio Assay:   Our AquaBiology division can accommodate your Aquatic Toxicity monitoring requirements both acute and chronic testing with fathead minnow (Pimephales promelas) or water fleas (Daphnia).

Municipal EPA Compliance

Additional Services

Custom Analyses3028-21-pollution-small

Custom Analyses: From microscopic fiber analysis to full GC/MS scans of unknown substances, GSI has the equipment and expertise to handle almost any unknown analysis and method development.


Sample Collection: Time is valuable. Eliminate the valuable time required to tie up your personnel on sampling and delivery to the lab. Contact us to discuss your needs for sample collection or pickup by one of our highly trained field sampling technicians.

Our scope of commercial testing encompasses everything listed above as well as additional services.  We are capable of handling any commercial testing needs.  Please call GSI at 205.699.6647 for additional information on municipal EPA compliance solutions.